A Peek Inside A Taste Of Elk Grove 2019

Hey guys, so these past few weeks have been extra busy for me, and I have so much to catch up on and share! First is the Taste of Elk Grove event I attended a few weeks ago. My friend Ashley Newell who works with Explore Elk Grove (she’s a blogger too! You can check out her blog here http://www.ashleynewell.me/) invited me and a few of my fellow blogger friends to this awesome night of food and wine.

So what exactly is Taste of Elk Grove?!

It’s where all the best restaurants, local wineries, and beer makers come together offering samples of their menus and tastings of their beer and wine! The raffles, silent auctions, and live music made the atmosphere fun and festive.

When you first arrive you’re greeted by live music, and rows of tents featuring over ten breweries. If you’re not into beer, no problem, there are some alternatives. As you continue into the Sacramento Asian Sports Foundation Center, you are suddenly surrounded by food, wine, and desserts! Some of my favorite restaurants included: Maharani Indian Restaurant, Burgerim Gourmet Burgers, Chicago Fire, and Chason’s Seafood. It was my first time trying all these new places, so it was a great way to get familiar with each of them. Check out the full list of restaurants who participated here!

I was sure I was going to be making my rounds around the different wine tables, but this spiked kombucha from Booch Craft stopped me in my tracks! I may have gone back more than a few times lol. No shame though because that’s why you come to Taste of Elk Grove, to eat and drink!

There are two ticket options you can purchase, general admission and VIP. I highly recommend purchasing a VIP ticket because you get entry an hour earlier. This way you can sample everything before everyone else, and it got pretty packed that night. You’ll also get a chance to discover your favorites to keep going back to throughout the night! And honestly, I didn’t get to take any pictures because there was so much going on. So you all are only getting a snippet of everything.

So what are some pro tips to make the best of your experience next year?!

-Pack light. So ladies, if you have a fanny pack or back pack purse, go that route. You’re going to want your hands and arms free for eating and drinking!

-Dress light. It can get pretty hot it the sports center, especially after drinking all that wine!

-Buy a VIP ticket so you can have access an hour earlier and scope out your favorite vendors.

-Finally, pace yourself! You have three whole hours (four if you’re VIP) to enjoy, so don’t fill up too fast at the beginning.

Click below to learn more about all the vendors and sponsors who participated this year.


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A Peek Inside A Taste Of Elk Grove 2019