Turn Your Bed Into a Cozy Fort With Privacy Pop!

Ok, so Privacy Pop has taken a fortnight to a whole new level in my house! What is Privacy Pop?! It’s a tent for your bed...I know, genius right! As much as I wanted to get one for myself and turn my bed into a zen tent mini-getaway, I decided to get it for my boys instead. If you're a mom of boys you know fort making comes with the territory. And I was tired of my couches being disassembled daily, so I thought this would be perfect for them. They have two full-size beds in their room, but they all end up cuddles together by morning. So we put the second bed in our spare bedroom. We received the tent bed in size full, and it fit perfectly. Make sure to check out our unboxing and set-up videos below!


Your Privacy Pop tent bed arrives compactly in its own round bag. And when you remove it from the bag it pretty much pops into place...oh ok I literally just put two and two together as I was writing this. That's why it's called P Privacy Pop LOL! The only real assembly is installing the stability poles at the end. We ended up taking out our headboard and box spring and setting up the bed on the floor. I've seen others keep the headboard and box spring just fine. We were going for a more "camping" like feel.


Once the tent bed was assembled my boys were too excited! And so was I to be honest. The tent bed gave the bed, and the whole room a new feel! I don't know how, but having the tent on the bed made bed feel bigger. All five of us climbed inside the tent comfortably, then dad and I literally got the boot. I mean my oldest literally told us to leave and let him and his brothers play. I mean...you don't have to tell me twice lol! Yes, let mama get some work done!


I gave them some snacks, they piled up the pillows and blankets, I set up the Netflix, and everyone chilled!


The Privacy Pop has zip up openings on both sides of the tent, and two windows. This one didn't come with screens on the main openings, but they do have bug tents and even pet tents! When I was fantasizing about my zen tent bungalow oasis, I was thinking of adding those cute string lights around it too. Even though it would be cool with my sons’ galaxy tent, the lights wouldn't stand a chance with my twins. There are really so many creative options you have with Privacy Pop’s tent beds. Tell me what you would do, make, add,  and create with your tent bed in the comments?!