What is FLEX, and how it can change your life?! #flexfits

Funny little side story, Donnie (I will be referring to him a lot, he’s my amazingly creative other half!) is my unofficial blog editor because he’s an amazing writer and grammar genius (snob), so it was only natural. When I sent him this post to proofread, he sent it back to me with all the “periods” changed to “cycle”. His exact words were, “Sorry, The word “period” when I read it seems so..idk. Harsh? Abrasive?” I couldn’t help but crack up to myself. It’s funny to me how people react to the word PERIOD! Honestly, I used to be frightened to say the word when referring to my monthly gift when I was young. But after a few women’s sociology, history, and health classes in college, along with maturity, and being one with myself and body, the word and topic do not scare me anymore LOL! With that being said, I will be using the word PERIOD, and speaking bluntly about my PERIOD. I think it’s important for women to talk openly about their period because we can learn more about our own bodies from other’s experiences. If we have to wait for our yearly OBGY visit to find out the answers to those private and maybe embarrassing questions, we could be suffering unnecessarily for longer than we have to. Case in point, me! So I was compelled to write a blog post about FLEX! What is FLEX you ask? Well...FLEX is a disposable menstrual disc alternative to tampons and menstrual cups. Not what you expected? So I heard about menstrual discs and cups awhile ago, I was interested in finding out more, but never followed up. I also didn’t really understand the concept. But my monthly gift could be heavy, so I was skeptical about its reliability and protection. Ok, so I’m going to get a little personal...

After having my twins I decided to try the non-hormonal IUD ParaGard (again!). I initially tried it early 2015. Despite it being “non-hormonal”, I swear I experienced side effects that I wasn’t willing to put up with so I had it removed a few months later and a few months after that I was pregnant with twins! Surprise!! The misery (strong word I know, but it was not fun) of my twin pregnancy outweighed whatever hang-ups I previously had over the IUD. So I got one as soon as it was approved by my doctor.  There’s more than a 50% chance of getting pregnant with twins if you’ve had twins, and you’re extra fertile the first year after giving birth, so I wasn’t taking any chances! Lol, but seriously I was not taking that risk. Yet, here I am, almost exactly a year later, and I am ready to take this thing out!! Based on the information on their website, you can experience heavier periods and cramps for the first six months. Well, it’s been over a year and it seems like mine has only gotten worse. I absolutely dread that time of the month. I never used to spot before my cycle started. I use one of those cycle trackers, and it predicted my cycle accurately for years, to the day, every month. Now I spot two, three, even four days before, and my actual period will last heavily for more than 5 days. It feels like I’m on my cycle every two weeks. For at least the first three days I’m slugging around the house with a super tampon, a super duper extra long overnight pad, two pairs of granny panties, and sweats! I can’t and don’t want to go anywhere, and my cramps have been close to contraction pain sometimes. It’s really horrible. I try so hard to use mind control to tell myself I can function normally during this time...but no.

So back to why FLEX is so amazing! I received a box of FLEX menstrual discs to try, and I loved the concept, but I was skeptical about it being effective for me personally. I also thought I wouldn’t be able to place it correctly. Ok, so after the hubby and I joked and laughed about this foreign object for awhile I tried it out. I placed it correctly on my first try, and I really just felt amazing! I couldn’t feel it AT ALL. I seriously felt liberated! I didn’t even know if it worked yet, but I already felt better. So now for the pee test. (I told y’all I was going to get real! Haha) No spotting at all, and I still didn’t feel anything. I don’t know about you, but every time I pee my tampon comes out. And when you’re trying to live that #EricaandDonniegettheirgrooveback Lifestyle, and you drink hella water... it’s annoying. FLEX does not do this! I used my FLEX discs for the next three days, and I’m in love. I want to shout from the top of a mountain how in love I am. I experienced NO leakage whatsoever (they state on their website that light spotting is normal, but I had none!) It was so comfortable, I didn’t feel a thing, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this product. Anyone who experiences a heavy flow, you’ll know exactly how I feel after you try these! FLEX is great for women who experience heavier cycles because FLEX sits in the widest part of the vagina called the fornix; versus a menstrual cup and tampon that sits in the vaginal canal. This allows for expanded coverage.

FLEX is said to reduce cramps in 70% of users. I will be able to give a better review of this aspect next month. I didn’t even feel like I was on my period while using FLEX, so I don’t know if it was my happiness and excitement, or my PMS symptoms had subsided by this time because it was technically the second half of my cycle. So I will give an update on that! Long story short, you need to try FLEX! It has changed my life!