Water Propagation 101

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about water propagation lately. Mainly, is it really that easy, and the answer is yes it is! Propagating plants from cuttings is an ancient form of cloning. It's free and an easy way to get new plants from plants you already have! Plants I’m currently propagating are pothos, plumeria, succulents, and some herbs. I do it for fun and the free plants of course! They look really cool growing in glass jars so they’ve become part of my decor as well.

Pothos are the easiest to water propagate in my opinion. Just clip a 4-6in vine from your plant, and let it callous for a couple of hours, then place it in some water! In a couple weeks you’ll start to see some roots. Plant it in some potting soil, and now you have a new plant that’s going to grow into long luscious vines.

I recently purchased these really cool wall planters from Amazon that I’m obsessed with and started to use for my propagating. I’m definitely buying more and in different styles to hang all over my house!

Don't worry. No betas were hurt in the creation of this photo, and have been moved to a larger tank!

Most plants propagate just as easily as the way I described above. Succulents too! The only difference is you want to let the cuttings and leaves callous for a few days to a week. You want to make sure to keep the leaves from being submerged in the water. And if you need to pluck some leaves from the stem, you can save them to propagate on their own! In a few weeks, you’ll have a root system growing, and they’ll be ready to pot. You can check out my Succulent Propagation 101 Blog here!

  Plumeria root my mom brought me from Maui

Plumeria root my mom brought me from Maui

All you really need to do from there is make sure to change the water every few days or when you notice it getting a little foggy. And I read somewhere to pot your new plant soon after the root system has been established. As pretty as the roots look growing in their vases, your plant might have a harder time adapting to the soil once transplanted if you leave them in the water too long! Other than that happy propagating! If you have any other tips or questions please leave them in the comments below.