Split.co- It pays to share - App!


Are you wondering what’s up with all these affiliate links and how they work? Or are you already on top of your affiliate link game and want to know how you can #Split the commissions with your audience!? Split.co has created an app that makes sharing affiliate links easier than ever!!

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where businesses pay you a small commission for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

So I just started utilizing affiliate marketing on my Blog and Instagram. Honestly, I didn’t really even want to bother with them unless there was something required for a sponsored post. I felt like they were too much effort for too little reward (who really uses these links, right?!). Well now that I’ve taken my social media influencing, and creative business to the next level, I realize how affiliate links have the potential to be monetized. I’m always looking for avenues to create residual income, and being strategical with affiliate marketing is definitely one of them!

I will go into further details about the specifics of affiliate marketing in an upcoming blog post, but I do want to tell you about an easy way you can start earning some money with affiliate marketing through the Split.co-It pays to share-app!

If you’re already familiar with affiliate links and marketing, you’ll love this! You can create “split links” to share directly from the browser on your phone or desktop. Simply select the share button (or plugin on your desktop) and click the Split icon. Just like that, your link is created, copied, and ready to share!


Ok, so how do you make money?? Not only can you earn commissions for purchases through links you exchange between friends and family through text and email, but Split is brilliant for social media affiliate marketing! Whether you know it already or not, we’re all social media influencers. Some have more influence than others, but by you simply posting about a new foundation you bought, or a brand of bottles you prefer over another on your social media channels, you’re creating influence, and virtually giving the company free advertising whether it’s good or bad. Someone might see your post and it reminds them that they needed whatever you were talking about, why not get paid for already directing customers and sales to these companies?!

For example, you can can start earning commissions off products and purchases you’re tagging in your Instagram posts and stories.


This is a picture I vectorized of these new plant pots I bought from Urban Outfitters. I was already planning on tagging Urban Outfitters in my post, and what would of happened is my followers would have clicked on my link or tag, checked out the pots on their site, loved them too, and decided to buy them or something else! You’re welcome Urban Outfitters!!

Well now with the Split.co app, I can share my "split link" or QR code I created linking my viewers directly to products on a company’s site, and if someone buys something we’ll both earn a commission off the purchase! In order to split the commission, both affiliate and customer must have the Split.co app. Customers can opt to let you keep all the commission if they don’t have the app. There’s no cost to you or the other’s using the app. You’re now just making a small commission for your shoutouts and referrals.

This is great if you have the swipe up feature for your Instagram stories, or you can direct your viewers to a link in your profile. Split.co also pays you per click, and commissions for purchases are split between referrers and purchasers. This is a great incentive for people to start shopping more through affiliate links!


Even if you’re not a savvy social media affiliate marketer, this is also the easiest way to earn money back from purchases through affiliate links. Just by shopping through others Split.co links, you’ll earn a commission through that purchase as well. You don’t need to write a blog post or review, just create a split link and copy it into whatever you’re already sharing on your social media channels. Even if someone doesn’t make a purchase that day, if they return to that site within the next 30 days, your link is still “active”.

I love this because it’s more of an incentive for your audience to actually use those affiliate links. I don’t know about you, but prior to me utilizing affiliate marketing, I was always leery about clicking affiliate links and/or ads. You start thinking things like, "What site are they redirecting me to?", "Is it a legit site?", "It’s probably one of those spam sites that steals my email and I’m going to start getting all this junk mail in my inbox!" or "Do I have to pay more because I’m using an affiliate link?!" Well since I started using them I've learned that most are actually legit. They’re usually affiliate programs the company offers to Influencers and loyal customers like me and you. It’s kind of like a little thank you from the companies because you’re referring people to their site and products. It doesn’t cost the consumer anything, and you’re helping someone earn some commission off the sale! So if you have a Blogger or Influencer you love, and buy products based on their recommendations, shop through their affiliate links!

Are you excited yet?! You can download the free Split.co app here! I do earn $1 for every download and account set up, so thank you in advance! When you share your Split.co referral link, and your friends and family sign up, you’ll earn $1 per referral too! Win-win!!

I hope you found this information helpful, and that you now know a little more about how affiliate marketing works! Please leave any questions and comments, and stay tuned for my Affiliate Marketing 101 guide!!

**This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of my affiliate links, it may result in my earning a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.