Give Me All The Good Juju- GOOD JUU JUU Subscription Box


OK, I don’t know about you, but I’m really into crystals, astrology, holistic healing, and all that juu juu, so I was excited to come across the GOOD JUU JUU Box on Instagram. GOOD JUU JUU is a small business based out of the Bay Area, CA. They too collaborate with small businesses across the country to feature in their seasonal boxes. I love working with, and helping promote local small businesses especially ones in my hometown! I happen to win a giveaway they were having on their IG page for a raw topaz pendant, and they were nice enough to send me on of their boxes to review.

What is a GOOD JUU JUU Box?

Good Juu Juu is a seasonal crystal-inspired subscription box intended to get you through Mercury Retrograde and beyond. Each collection contains a limited number of high-quality crystal jewelry and self care essentials, that are hand-picked, cleansed and charged. Good Juu Juu’s expert astrologist tracks significant planetary ‘transits’ and explains the significance of each..
— Good Juu Juu

What came in my GOOD JUU JUU Box?

The Good Juu Juu Box comes in two options. I received their Winter Lil’ Juu Juu Box - $77 which contains 6 seasonal hand-picked items. There’s also a Big Juu Juu Box - $111 which includes 10 seasonal hand-picked items. The Good Juu Juu crystal enthusiasts curate a limited number of unique pieces from across the country for each box. You can expect to see a mix of full-sized products ranging from aromatherapy, vegan/cruelty-free beauty products, teas, crystals, candles, jewelry, and more! They also sell other GOOD JUU JUU merchandise you can check out here.

Necklace- Raw Amethyst Point

Rose Quartz “Geode Slice” Bath Bomb- Raven’s Hearth

Rainbow Fluorite Lavender Soap- Lush Garden’s Soaps

Cuticle Hero Pen- Flora + Fauna Beauty (Vegan)

Tumbled Quartz Keychain

Tea Light Candles- Raven’s Hearth (pink: self love, white: higher self, blue: new moon, purple: chill out)


My favorite items from the box were the rose quartz bath bomb and tumbled quartz keychain. The bath bomb is beautiful as you can see from the pictures, and smells earthy and fresh. I love the keychain because I know I’ll always have my crystals on me at all times! The GOOD JUU JUU Box is the perfect gift for the crystal enthusiast in your life. You can also use promo code: juujuu15 for 15% off your order!