Okay guys, so Donnie and I jumped on the Keto wagon! It’s been just about a month, and Donnie has lost a whopping 13lbs, and me….maybe 3. What is the Keto diet?! The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Typically your diet should consist of 60-75% of your calories from fat, 15-30% of your calories from protein, and 5-10% of your calories from carbs.

I’m apart of a huge mom community on social media, and it seemed like all the girls were doing it!! So I decided to dig a little deeper because all I keep seeing is Keto this Keto that, and how amazing their results have been! I’ve been struggling with getting off the baby weight since have my twins…who will be two in a few months. It’s been a long struggle! Donnie and I are kinda partners in crime when it comes to indulging in not so good for you foods, so I also needed to find something that we both can do together. I knew if I told him he could have bacon and eggs for breakfast and steak and asparagus every night for dinner he would be on board! After I did my research and presented him with a detailed outline of what the diet consisted of, what to expect, and potential roadblocks, he was convinced and committed to going Keto with me!

Another reason I decided to try this diet is that it seems to fit our lifestyle the best. Intermittent fasting is a recommended part of the Keto diet, and I felt like I already did this because I almost always skip breakfast, and sometimes we wouldn’t eat until 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Intermittent fasting is when your body begins to burn its stored fat, the post-absorptive state which is 8-12 hours after your last meal. Well obviously my body wasn’t doing this despite my unintentional daily fasting, but I figured I already had that step down! I liked the idea of only having to focus on eating a couple times a day. If you follow me on social media, you know I have three boys under 4, and feeding them 3+ times a day, is a job in itself. So I took this into huge consideration when trying to find the best diet for me. The thought of having to prep 3-5 small meals a day for the whole week (just for myself!) was daunting and overwhelming, to say the least! I’m the type of person that can eat the same thing three times a day for a few days if it’s something I like. Donnie on the other hand, “doesn’t like leftovers”…who doesn’t like leftovers?! So despite my claims above, when I would be on day two and a half of my leftovers, Donnie would decide he wanted to go out and get himself “something”, and now my leftovers are suddenly unappetizing and I want “something else” too! My point is I needed something quick and easy that I knew I could stick with. Though the Keto diet can appear restrictive, it’s pretty basic. Meat, eggs, some veggies, and some fruits!

So here we are a month later, and I only “cheated” three times! The first time was with a chocolate covered pretzel. They were in my purse for the boys when we went out one Saturday. I emptied the contents of my purse that night on the ottoman (pretzels included), and as I was laying on the couch, those things were literally trying to possess me to eat one. The salty sweet combination just seemed like the most divine temptation at the time, and you know what…I ate a pretzel! And you know what else?!? It wasn’t even that good after…ok I was over it! Then the next day I was having brunch with some new girlfriends I recently met. I planned ahead and checked out their menu, not very Keto friendly, but I could make it work. Then when we get there, our waitress lets us know that the dishes are small and intended to be shared family style. I didn’t want to seem extra in front of this new group of women. I’m sure they would have looked at me sideways like, bishhh you’re not on no diet (side eye), she’s just stingy! Haha, maybe not, but the point is I sampled a few of the non-Keto dishes ok! And the third was just the other night. Donnie and I were recapping the past few weeks on our new diet, and how we were feeling about everything. I explained how overall I was feeling better and lighter despite the minimal results, and I wanted to stick with it. He went on to describe all his victories, and how much better he’s been feeling (I’m not hating I swear!). Then I got a little ticked because why am I not just melting away!?? Those couple of little cheats couldn’t have sabotaged all my hard work! Overall I ate pretty well! The portions not so much, but I decided to go with, eat as much as I want of stuff I can eat. Ok, so I might have gone a little overboard on the fruit, but it’s fruit!! I ate primarily berries, like the guidelines suggest. Apples and unsweetened peanut (the good peanut butter!) became my go-to for a sweet craving. I can say that I completely eliminated processed foods! And that alone should have done something. Right?! So to rebel against myself…we ordered a pizza that night. Donnie felt sick to his stomach after, but I enjoyed every last morsel.


It’s been a week since I started and stopped writing the above blog post. After pizza night, we both kinda fell off the wagon. I had been feeling defeated about not losing any weight after a month of Keto, and felt like what was the point of continuing. So I started back to some of my old eating habits, and I’ve been feeling like shit, for a lack of better word. I feel bloated and fatigued after I eat. I wake up bloated and feeling heavy, and I don’t like it. So what have I concluded? Today is a new day, and I shall start again! I also must note that I did not add any physical exercise during this month. I’m a work from home mom, and between taking care of my kids and being on my laptop the whole rest of the time, my current lifestyle is pretty sedentary. BUT, I did just get an exercise Flexispot Desk Bike V9 that I plan on setting up this week! I will be writing a follow-up blog about this Desk Bike that I’m super excited about! It might be the key to my progress. So stay tuned for the updates, and wish me luck!

Are you currently living the Keto life or have you tried the Keto diet? I’d love to hear about your experience, and I’m open to any tips. Please comment them below, thanks!


6 thoughts on “Keto

  1. Abby says:

    I have been on KETO for 2 months and am down 18. I have cheated about 5 times (small cheats). I feel like crap with each cheat so it kind of makes me not want to cheat again! ha. I do really like the diet though and am excited to lose more as time goes on.

    • eraeholland says:

      Yay congrats! I’m going to stick with it despite only losing a few pounds! But yes, I felt like crap too after cheating. I definitely feel better overall eating this way. Thanks for sharing:)

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