Birth Natal Chart? #okillgiveyoumyopinion

A birth chart or a natal chart is an astrological chart that is calculated at the exact time of a person’s birth, the natal chart gives insight into a person’s character by analyzing the position of the planets and the astrological houses during the time of birth along with the person’s astrological sign. It pays to share – App!

Are you wondering what’s up with all these affiliate links and how they work? Or are you already on top of your affiliate link game and want to know how you can #Split the commissions with your audience!? has created an app that makes sharing affiliate links easier than ever!! Affiliate marketing is a type … Continue reading It pays to share – App!

What in the World are Collagen Peptides?! #STAYVITAL

I recently discovered Vital Proteins from a fellow mom blogger raving about her results since using the Collagen Peptides, so I decided to check them out myself! After doing a little research, this was something I definitely wanted to try. I feel like my body has not been the same since having my twins. I … Continue reading What in the World are Collagen Peptides?! #STAYVITAL

Recycle Your Banana Peels

So, I love to save and repurpose a lot of the food scraps that I use. I’m not quite ready to set up a composting system at my house right now (I’ll wait until I move into my urban farm!), but some of the things I like to save are my coffee grounds, eggshells, and … Continue reading Recycle Your Banana Peels

Succulent Propagation 101

Propagating succulents and just about any other plant is super easy! They just require a little love and care. We’re going to focus on succulents today because they’re my favorite and the easiest in my opinion. When picking leaves for propagating you want to pick the good ones! Don’t worry, whatever you trim from your … Continue reading Succulent Propagation 101